Registering as a captain for a small group or a full team made easy by following the steps below!

1. Find the league that you want to register for

2. Select the "Register" button

3. Select the button "Small Group/ Team Captain"

4. Fill out all pertinent information

5. Pay for registration!

How to invite players to your team!

To invite people please follow these steps:

1. Login to your Volo City account

2. Once in your dashboard below your team name you can find the manager or add player button

3. On the left hand side of the screen it will say "Roster" click on that

4. At the top of the page click the drop down "invite" and select "invite players"

5. Enter all of their e-mail addresses.

Invites are good for 24 hours after they are sent but they can be sent as often as possible.